There is so much to consider when building your own home.  Start with building a relationship with a company you can trust.  Trust and communication are key to the success of any home building experience.   Rutledge Builders takes pride in diligently responding to all calls, texts and emails, keeping the line of communication open to discuss your wants and needs.

Trust is essential, especially when there is a home renovation.  Rutledge Builders is not only respectful of your space, but your schedule, too.  The efficiency of our process will allow for minimal downtime in rooms, such as your bathroom and kitchen, and you can trust Rutledge Builders to treat your home like their own!

Of course, your custom builder should have a list of certifications, insurance, and references readily available.  With Rutledge Builders, look for all of these things and more.  Our history, performance, and portfolio are an open book.  We have built and remodeled homes throughout Shreveport, Bossier City, Benton and all around Northwest Louisiana and Northeast Texas.  We can provide reliable references from someone near you who will attest to our work ethic and efficiency.